Ways to improve client communication

Remember these Gems of Information.... Don't lie and....

Never start an answer with stating the problem, no one wants to here about problems, only solutions. Start your sentences with examples like, "This will be addressed by... or , Working on that now... or, You shall receive it shortly.... or, possible solutions to this are.... and the like. This shows confidence within your workflow and that is always a positive sign that your boss/client made the right decision in working with you. Good luck.

Understand up front what your clients interest are by asking them to tell you about who they are and what goals they aspire to reach, and don't bring personal issues to the conversation. You certainly should personalize your experience with them, but do this only through positive conversation, or relate able scenarios.

Talk about your goals in a very concise way, stating what you won't do as well what you do well. Over time your relationship should improve and your bonds will grow.

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