Now that I got a computer, what do I do with it?

So you made the dive, got a PC or a New Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone, but the question how easy can I get up to speed with the rest of the world.

And where do all the connections,parts and cables go? And how do work together to do something I want?

These time held questions is something every new starter, and even the old veterans are still trying to figure out, and its not always EZee Peezy.

I recommend getting familiar with using the web-browser first, and depending on your computer or device these have many names, from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc

BUT WAIT! I got to the browser, but it says no internet connection, what do I do???

Many devices will guide you to establishing an internet connection or connecting to WiFi , but not all devices do. Sometimes computer sellers or order services wont tell you if you need a internet service, let alone how to connect to it.

Thankfully , if your reading this, at least you've gotten that far, and now that you have your ready to take the next step. You've gotten a program you wish to use, or you wish to add a device, but your stuck. What now?

Call a tech? Mm, who do I know ??? I heard I got a cousin who knows computer or a friend, or that guy across from me at my job.

WELL THAT'S WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR!!! We specialize in getting you over the hurdles, teaching you and getting you up to date in all your computing needs. Try us OUT.

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