Black Screen , Nothing happening!

It happens more often than expected, you open up your laptop and hit the power on button, BAM! Nothing happens. You close it , open it , push the button again, WOW, you start to wonder , is it broke!


Try this little trick that sometimes helps, and can't hurt to try....

Push and hold the power on button in for 20 secs, let go, and push it in again for 2 secs.

If it works , adapt me as your teacher :)

So , what happened? Why did this occur you ask?

Sometimes, believe it or not a laptop can get stuck in sleep mode, for varies reasons such as exhausted memory usage, and the like. It want to come out of sleep mode, but it can't , leaving you to have to perform a "hard reset". Good thing is, most laptops recover after doing a hard reset, without maximum lost of data, and on many occasions no loss at all, except maybe having to sign back in.

Keep this in mind before you throw out that "WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK!" We've all called a computer that at some point right? Just ME <----

Have fun.

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